Sunday, December 19, 2010

The1911 Flat Trigger.

The theory of the flat trigger is a consistant trigger pull (feel) no matter where your finger is on the trigger itself.  Since the trigger pull on a 1911 is straight back, the flat trigger makes sense.  The trigger works well for me because my trigger finger is naturally at an angle (not perpendicular to the trigger face) and sits lower on the trigger. With a long curved trigger, my trigger finger is forced to the center and would get rubbed raw due to the angle of my finger. Flat triggers also worked well when I took a pistol class in the cold rain where I was wearing gloves.

The length of the flat trigger is the same as the shortest part of a long curved trigger.

A friend of mine swapped his curved triggers out for flat triggers.  Just a few weeks ago I went shooting with a member from another forum, and he commented on how he liked the feel of the flat trigger too.

You can get solid flat triggers from either 10-8 Performance and Wilson Combat.  There are also flat triggers from Infinity and Caspian.  If you are going to fit it yourself, the Wilson will be easier to fit, since the 10-8 trigger bow's seem to be oversized.  Fitting is fairly easy, you just have to file the top and bottom of the trigger shoe to fit into the frame.  After you get the trigger installed, you will have to adjust the overtravel.  On the Wilson it's a screw, and on the 10-8 you have to remove the trigger to file down the stop.

I get my triggers from Brownell's
10-8 Flat Trigger

Wilson Combat Solid Flat Ultralight Match Trigger


  1. The Caspian Trik Trigger seems to be pretty popular.

  2. I love the feel of the flat trigger. The 10-8 is not so bad to install.