Sunday, January 22, 2012

SHOT Show - Day 4

For the final day of SHOT I had a few hours to kill before my flight home, so I just wandered around taking photo's of things that i didn't look at during the previous days.

FAB Defense had the K.P.O.S. on display, which turns a Glock or Sig into a PDW.

Stag Arms had an "Executive Survival Kit", at least it wasn't named "Zombie Survival Kit".

I thought I had photo's of the Sig Mastershop X6 and X5's, but didn't, so here they are.  Gold trim is not my taste, not is the blue finish, but it's gotta appeal to someone.

The Sig Max Michel 1911, complete with flat trigger, Doug Koenig Hammer and Dawson magwell

Mossberg had a few Zombie guns of their own, including a tactical lever action complete with a AR style stock, tri-rail forend and Leupold scope.  They also had a Chainsaw dressed in Zombie attire.

Mossberg also has shotguns that are magazine fed, with either a 10rd drum or 5rd box magazine.

If you have seen "Hotshots" on NBC Sports, Mossberg has a Signature Series model for trick shotgunner Patrick Flanigan.

Chiappa has a "gas delayed blowback" 1911 style gun on display.  I previously didn't see it because it was located at the Chiappa (Italy) display.

While I'm not a light geek, I did stop by Surefire to look at the new EarPro (EP) hearing protection.  They have now included a lanyard, so you can drape them around your neck.  The EP-5 is similar to the past models, but instead Hocks Blocker to limit the sound, it's a sealed ear plug.  I received a sample pair and will compair them to the EP-3's that i currently use.


If you are a listener to Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, you may have heard him talk about "Wise Food Storage".  Wise was at the show and were providing samples of the food.  I was a little skeptical about how the food would taste, but after sampling the food, I will be getting some to have on hand.  The Stroganoff tastes like it was freshly cooked, even though the only cooking was putting boiling water into the bag.  The freeze dried fruits taste like candy. 

SHOT Show - Day 3

Hmmm...Day 3.  I spent the day wandering around and taking pictures of things, so I might not have much to say about some things.

My first stop of the day was the Kriss booth to take a look at the Super V and while I was there, I noticed that they import the Sphinx semi-autos.  Those not familiar with the Sphinx guns, they are CZ clones, but built with Swiss precision and hand fit.


While I was looking at the Sphinx guns, I saw Alex from Guncrafter Industries walking around.  I stopped and chatted with him for a while.  GI didn't have a booth, but he had a Model No. 3 and CCO in his bag.  Alex asked me if i wanted to take a look at them, so I accepted the offer.  The CCO was built from a request of DRC Firearms and the members of .  The CCO has not shipped out yet, so I was able to get my hands on it before those that had pre-ordered them.  Unfortunately, I thought I took a photo of the No.3, but didn't.  The Model No. 3 is a bobtail Commander chambered for the .50GI round.  

Guncrafter Industries CCO

Rock Island Armory (RIA) had a few new guns on display that should be available around March.  First up is the high capacity full rail, which will be available in 9mm and .45ACP.  

RIA had another Hi-cap on display, the TCM (Tuason Craig Micromag) which is chambered for the .22TCM round developed by Armscor.  The .22TCM is basically a .223 bullet in a necked down 9mm case.  The 22TCM will send a 40gr bullet at 2000FPS producing 400 foot pounds of energy.  The TCM is a combo kit, which will include a 9mm barrel making this a dual caliber gun.

Here's a photo of a 50GI and a 22TCM

The last thing that caught my eye at the RIA display was the XT22.  It's a .22LR gun that will also be available as a combo kit with a complete .45ACP topend.

Beretta's newest carry gun is the Nano.  It live's up to the Nano name being a small gun.  One thing that I noticed was the absence of the slide lock.  The reason that I mention this stems from the "Slingshot vs Slide Stop" debate.  Since the Nano doesn't have a slide stop the shooter will have "Slingshot" the slide if a reload was necessary.  I'm an advocate for using the slingshot method, so the missing slide stop is not so much an issue.

Remington's only new 1911 was the stainless steel model, 1911R1S.  For those that liked the original 1911R1 but wished it was stainless, this gun is for you.

I don't follow Smith & Wesson 1911's, so I don't know if the E-Series gun with light rail (SW1911TA) are new for 2012, but here are photo's of them.  MSRP is $1319 for either finish.

S&W also released the M&P22, which would be a good training tool for M&P shooters.

The elusive Ruger SR1911 was on display.

Ruger has a few new 22LR's, the LCR22 and the SR22.

And the SR9C

Colt had the Mustang Pocketlite on display.  With the success of the Sig P238, Colt must be kicking themselves for not re-introducing it earlier. 

Nighthawk Customs had the Chris Costa models on display.  The fit and finish was nice, however some of the features don't make sense for some.  The Jardine Tactical Hook rear sight makes me wonder, since the sight is for a BoMar cut, why didn't they use something like a 10-8 rear sight for Novak cut?  It would make sense since the Costa uses 10-8 grips and he has the "Bravo" that was built by 10-8.

The compact Costa

The Beard was also there while I was looking at the Costa.

The mini Costa also had a mini Nighthawk Costa

The real Costa happened to walk up while I was looking at the Costa 1911.

More to come...