Thursday, January 19, 2012

SHOT Show - Day 2

With only having 1.5 hours of sleep, I stopped by the Sig Sauer booth to take a look at what was new for 2012.  They had a few different 1911's, but they mostly had cosmetic changes.  Sig has added a slightly rounded butt which has the "Fastback" designation in the model name.  On Monday, Sig also release the P938, which is essentially a P238 chambered in 9mm.  Just by handling the P938, I would expect it to shoot similar to a P238.  The advantage of the P938 is the cost savings on ammo, since .380 ammo (around my area) is the same price as .45ACP ammo.

Nightmare Fastback






Passing the Kel-Tec booth, the smaller KSG Tactical caught my eye.  The representative was saying that the smaller size would be useful for a SWAT officer breaching a door, while I just think it's a coolness factor.

KSG Tactical

The Chiappa Rhino is an odd looking revolver that has been out for a while now, but I've stil haven't seen one at the range, or know of anyone that has one.  I liken the Chiappa Rhino to a English Bulldog or Pug, in which it's ugly, but cute.

Korth had a Damascus revolver that stopped me in my tracks.  

and a engraved Korth revolver

A quick pass past CZ-USA and I spot the Scorpion EVO 3 A1.  Yep, I want one.

Kimber had a few different guns that were "interesting".  Now it might just be me, but the Micro CDP looks a lot like a Sig P238 or vise-versa.  IMO, the Micro CDP is late to the game, as well as priced twice as high as it should. 

Sapphire Ultra II...No comment...

I stopped by Magpul to look at new Taticool stuff for a friend.  If you've an AR guy that doesn't have a shotgun yet because Magpul doesn't make stuff so that you can hang everything off of it, your prayers have been answered.  

If you are mechanically inept, you can buy a Magpul equipped 870 from Remington.

and don't for the the required door breacher

More from the Freedom Group booth...

Some long gun that caught my eye from various manufacturers...

Accuracy International

Got Zombies?  Doublestar has a gun for you...

German Tactical goodness from Heckler& Koch

View from the display from above.



That's it for the guns, or at least from what I i remember seeing after looking through the the photo's on my camera's memory card, now I have to put some clothes on and got to SHOT for day 3.