Sunday, January 22, 2012

SHOT Show - Day 4

For the final day of SHOT I had a few hours to kill before my flight home, so I just wandered around taking photo's of things that i didn't look at during the previous days.

FAB Defense had the K.P.O.S. on display, which turns a Glock or Sig into a PDW.

Stag Arms had an "Executive Survival Kit", at least it wasn't named "Zombie Survival Kit".

I thought I had photo's of the Sig Mastershop X6 and X5's, but didn't, so here they are.  Gold trim is not my taste, not is the blue finish, but it's gotta appeal to someone.

The Sig Max Michel 1911, complete with flat trigger, Doug Koenig Hammer and Dawson magwell

Mossberg had a few Zombie guns of their own, including a tactical lever action complete with a AR style stock, tri-rail forend and Leupold scope.  They also had a Chainsaw dressed in Zombie attire.

Mossberg also has shotguns that are magazine fed, with either a 10rd drum or 5rd box magazine.

If you have seen "Hotshots" on NBC Sports, Mossberg has a Signature Series model for trick shotgunner Patrick Flanigan.

Chiappa has a "gas delayed blowback" 1911 style gun on display.  I previously didn't see it because it was located at the Chiappa (Italy) display.

While I'm not a light geek, I did stop by Surefire to look at the new EarPro (EP) hearing protection.  They have now included a lanyard, so you can drape them around your neck.  The EP-5 is similar to the past models, but instead Hocks Blocker to limit the sound, it's a sealed ear plug.  I received a sample pair and will compair them to the EP-3's that i currently use.


If you are a listener to Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, you may have heard him talk about "Wise Food Storage".  Wise was at the show and were providing samples of the food.  I was a little skeptical about how the food would taste, but after sampling the food, I will be getting some to have on hand.  The Stroganoff tastes like it was freshly cooked, even though the only cooking was putting boiling water into the bag.  The freeze dried fruits taste like candy. 

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