Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SHOT Show - Day 1

As luck would have it, I had a job to do in Las Vegas the same week the SHOT Show was taking place.  After a long day travelling on Monday, followed by working that night and no sleep, I made it to the Sands Convention Center.  Here are some quick photo's.

STI has expanded the Lawman, Tactical and Spartan lines to include 4 (4.26") and 3 (3.96") gun.  My favorite new gun would be the Tactical 3.  I currently carry a Tactical 4.15 and think the 3 would be a nice addition.

STI also has a new "Tactical" magwell that should be released soon.  It has a slimmer profile, lanyard loop and cut-outs on the side to assist in removing a mag.

The Spartan now has the III and IV.

Here's the entire Lawman family.

Springfield Armory debuted the new XD-S, which is a single stack .45ACP XD.  I spoke to Dave Williams and asked if there would be a XDS in 9mm or .40S&W, Dave had said that he would guess that a 9mm would be a logical choice for the next XDS to come out.  The XD-S has a slim slide at 0.9" wide, with the overall width at 1".  The XD-S barrel length is 3.3", with the overall height (bottom of the mag to the top of the rear sight) is 4.4" tall and overall length is 6.3".  The XD-S capacity is 5+1, with is 1 round shy of an Officer sized 1911.  

I also stopped by and talked to Dave Williams about some custom work on one of my 1911's, and before i could ask him a question, I found one of the answers on a few of the guns that were on display.  The question I had was about diamond checkering the front strap and mainspring housing.

And now for some Springfield Custom Shop porn...

Professional Operator with HRT prefix

Rock River Arms is re-entering the 1911 world with a different approach, the grip frame is now polymer, but unlike other polymer 1911's, RRA decided to keep their's a single stack.  There is no official price for it yet, but they are expecting it to be around $800.  The grip frame is similar to the 2011, with a steel insert, and the actual grip is polymer.  The 1911 will also come with a holster and mag pouch, which is similar to the Blackhawk Serpa.

Dan Wesson has a few new 1911's that should be shipping in a few months.  The Specialist is a railed 5" 1911 with a magwell, while the other is a 3.5" ECO, which is an Officer sized 1911.  Dan Wesson also has a high capacity 1911 for the Open Division shooter.  

Ithica has a few 1911's that came out last year.  This is the first time that I handled them in person.  They are well built with a tight but smooth slide/frame fit.  MSRP pricing starts around $1700 for the model with fixed sights and matte bluing and the polished blue with adjustable sights and jeweling costing more

Umarex has an Uzi 22 and Uzi 22 pistol coming out.  If you want a one work description i would say "HEAVY".  The rep told me that the Uzi pistol weighs about 4# (FOUR POUNDS).  I hope there is little/no recoil with these guns.

ATI has a new STG-44 (.22LR) coming out.  The wood case is what it ships in for the first year and is an option after that.

I made a quick stop by the Remington Law Enforcement booth and some of the things that i liked is the R12 Versa Max Tactical shotgun, M24A3, XM2010 and R11 Sniper System.

Benelli's new M4 H2O w/ NP3.

Benelli with XRAIL

You might be asking "What about Glock?", well they still look the same, so here's a photo of their signage.

I have more photo's, but had to work over-night and I've almost been up for 22 hours again, so i'll post more after i head back to the show tomorrow (actually later today.)


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