Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photographing Guns...Part 2

In Part 1 I showed how I took some of the photo's that people have asked me about.  Tonight I took a few minutes to setup and take a photo using an economical lighting setup.  The economical lighting is just a 100W light and some white fabric to diffuse the light.  I used my Alien Bee strobe's modeling light (just a 100w incandescent bulb) and a white diffuser.  The reason for the nylon fabric is to soften the light.  The white nylon fabric is also useful if you are taking photo's outdoors to soften the harsh sunlight.

In this photo you can see there is not much to the setup, just a light, the diffuser fabric, bins, towel and the gun.  You could also use more light's if your camera doesn't do well at high ISO's.  I think i shot these at 3200iso, you can also use a tripod and a slower shutter speed to get the correct exposure if your camera doesn't handle high ISO's

Below is a photo using the simple setup.  Nothing fancy, but it's a lot better than trying to use an on-camera flash.

Another little secret is how I get the gun to stand up without putting something through the trigger guard.  Just a small 25 cent spring clip from the hardware store and clip it onto the safety or just lean the gun on it.

Well that's it for now.  Later i'll do an economical setup with multiple lights.

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